[Marxism] readings on post WW2 US efforts to reorganize Europe

Richard Menec bookfind at mymts.net
Fri Feb 10 22:24:30 MST 2012

> Can comrades refer me to readings about the Yalta and Potsdam Conferences,
> the role of atomic blackmail in immediate post-WW2 US diplomacy, and the
> beginnings of the Cold War? I've already read Alperovitz's *Atomic 
> Diplomacy*.

If you haven't perused up a copy yet of T.E. Vadney's "The World Since 
1945", then you'll find an excellent account of this Post WW2 / pre-Cold War 
period.  Tom Vadney, with the assistance of Mark Gabbert, Henry Heller and 
others, draws widely from scholars across historical fields, including the 
Kolkos of course.


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