[Marxism] How socialist Cuba mobilises to defeat public health emergencies

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Sat Feb 11 18:13:48 MST 2012

*[Read more about Cuba's health-care system HERE.] * 

By *Don Fitz*

February 8, 2012 -- "I'm on /pesquizaje/", my daughter Rebecca told me. 
"All of the third, fourth and fifth year medical students at Allende 
have our classes suspended. We are going door-to-door looking for 
symptoms of dengue fever and checking for standing water."[1]

As a fourth year medical student at Cuba's ELAM (/Escuela 
Latinoamericana de Medicina/, Latin American School of Medicine in 
Havana), she is assigned to Salvadore Allende Hospital in Havana. It 
handles most of the city's dengue cases. Although she has done health 
canvassing before, this is the first time she has had classes cancelled 
to do it. It is very unusual for an outbreak of dengue fever, a 
mosquito-borne illness, to occur this late in the season. She remembers 
most outbreaks happening in autumn, being over before December, and 
certainly not going into January--February.

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