[Marxism] A statement from Occupy Oakland's Move-In Assembly

jeffrey masko westsidefc at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 11 19:12:49 MST 2012

Occupy Oakland has issued a statement on their website which merits attention, here is the link (http://occupyoaklandmoveinday.org/content/statement-occupy-oaklands-move-assembly-0) and a few excerpts that offer a sharp contrast to the picture Hedges and others present: 

"We recognize that there 
are communities who were affected in the neighborhoods where the 
conflicts with the police took place. We did outreach all over Oakland 
before the action and will continue to offer support and solidarity to those who might have been negatively
 effected or traumatized by the OPD's inexcusable actions. What we saw 
in the streets of Oakland on the 28th was overwhelming support, whether 
it was bystanders bringing us water to wash off tear gas, waving and 
cheering us on, honking from their cars, or coming down from their apartments to join us. We experienced solidarity first hand rather than percentage points in a poll."

"The OPD and the city claim
 that we are outsiders and that we are not from Oakland (even as 93% of 
OPD officers live outside Oakland). These lies are transparent to anyone
 who comes to our marches and assemblies and sees their friends and 
neighbors next to them. And those who came in solidarity last Saturday, 
from across all over the bay, from Dallas to Los Angeles, they are us 
and we are them. They are our comrades and no city press release
 can come between us. Our heart goes out to them and all the Occupies 
(over 26 at last count) who organized solidarity protests within 24 
hours of the mass arrests on the 28th. "

"To be sure, many of us are
 frustrated about the tactical mistakes made throughout the day, and we 
have to learn from these as we advance. There are many questions and 
criticisms coming from our broader community, and we welcome your help 
in transforming these into better strategies for future actions. We have
 to learn how to takeover buildings in an effective and intelligent 
manner. We have to learn how to move cohesively through the streets, to 
take offensive and defensive initiatives, to improve communication in 
highly charged situations. Critiques are important but we want everyone 
to understand the difficulty in undertaking such an initiative in the 
face of such forceful police response. The state fears that one 
successful building takeover will lead to another. It has nightmares of 
whole blocks of vacant buildings put to use as social centers and nodes 
of resistance, inspiring those in other cities to do the same. Despite 
the knee-deep shit that the OPD is in right now, when it comes to 
challenging property relations all bets are off and the leashes are cut.


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