[Marxism] Tom Engelhardt - A Daily Reminder of where and who we are, for those in denial, or whose minds tend to drift

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Sun Feb 12 14:33:43 MST 2012

    With national sovereignty everywhere violated with impunity by the
    US and its Nato front - robotized warfare, killing at will from
    off-shore bases and drones without hindrance - a constant looming
    nuclear threat - fewer boots on the ground, an ever-more complicit
    MSM and correspondingly fewer Americans willing or able to connect
    the dots about our role in the world - sophisticated surveillance,
    domestically as well - an American planet, its resources and
    exploited workforce at corporate America's disposal for who knows
    how long - think increasing global poverty for billions, amidst
    dwindling access to work, food, water, health, education, housing,
    breathable air in a planet of polluted slums, and diminished
    life-chances - think environmental melt-down -- think Nazi Germany
    without the threat of a counter-force - think why we ostensibly
    fought WW2 - think 99%/1% - think democracy, at least as we knew it,
    a thing of the past - the coupless assault - and what will we, each
    of us, like the 'good Germans' of WW2 so demeaned, do about it?

    Kicking Down the World's Door

          By Tom Engelhardt
          Posted on February 5, 2012, Printed on February 12, 2012

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