[Marxism] Occupy Movement Regroups, Preparing for Its Next Phase

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 16:41:08 MST 2012

It is of course entirely possible that Occupy will come roaring back. None
of us knows.  The underlying concerns are there still.  We know that.  Talk
of improving economies making the underlying to occupy irrelevant is just
bull dust.

If I were asked to make a guess though I would tend to emphasize the
importance of what is happening in Greece. My previous comments on this
topic to the list went without a comment - sigh!  But good old Richard
Seymour has a great comment on Greece in his blog at Lenin's Tomb. It is
yet another absolute read for all listers.

For the first time since Portugal 1975, there is the real possibility of a
revolution in Europe.  Perry Anderson wrote about Portugal that it
represented the last chance of the kind of revolutionary seizure of power
that the Bolsheviks brought off.

Well I think that Greece represents a possible demonstration that Anderson
was wrong and that we could wake up one fine day with red flags over the
Parthenon and a call being issued for workers of the world to unite.

That would change everything - the Occupy movement included.



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