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Mon Feb 13 12:57:58 MST 2012

Hope I am not pushing my luck, here, but can someone help with this special edition of a journal, please. I have copied and pasted the whole message I received in case people on this list are interested... 

See link to journal in body of text

Thanks in advance.



Dear All,

I (Claes Belfrage) and Owen Worth have the pleasure of announcing the publication of a special issue on 'Critical International Political Economy: Renewing Critique and Ontologies' in International Politics: Volume 49, Issue 2 (March 2012). 

The special issue contains contributions by Owen Worth, Claes Belfrage, Ian Bruff, Jill Steans & Daniela Tepe, 
Phoebe Moore, Nana Rodaki, Kyle Murray and David M. Berry. 

It endeavours to renew critique in IPE by engaging with the work of Rosa Luxemburg (Worth) and the notion of aesthetics and Frankfurt School theory (Belfrage). It seeks to highlight the relevance of Nicos Poulantzas for contemporary debates on 'the international' (Bruff), the significance of the global and gendered dimensions of citizenship, community and 'cohesion' (Steans & Tepe), and the relative absence of the study of 'work' in critical IPE (Moore). It attempts to renew the tradition by considering 'the city' (Rodaki), the role of Christian 'renewalism' in the production of global free market hegemony (Murray), and the relevance of understanding code to international political economy (Berry).

Link: http://www.palgrave-journals.com/ip/journal/v49/n2/index.html

We hope you engage with the special issue and that it will serve the purpose of renewing critique and ontologies in Critical IPE in particular and IPE as a whole more generally.

All the best,

Claes and Owen

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