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Thanks, Tom, this is very useful, including the link to your own article

I remember years ago there was an article somewhere about a parallel
phenomenon in New York, about how one of the subway lines was built or
expanded to encourage garment workers to leave the Lower East Side and move
up to the Bronx, in order to dilute the radical concentration on the LES.

And then there's GM's destruction of the L.A. rapid transit system...
By the way, I've always wondered about the reverse phenomenon of
working-class suburbs in European cities...

On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 10:53 AM, Thomas Bias <tgbias at ptd.net> wrote:

> No, other than the famous quote by William Levitt (no man can be a
> communist
> if he owns his own home: he will have too much to do). However, here's what
> I said about it nearly a year ago:
> http://thomasbias.wordpress.com/notes-from-the-scrap-heap-from-bailey-park-t
> o-pottersville/. I'll add one other thing: when I took European history at
> Amherst in 1970 the professor, John Ratté, who was very much a liberal and
> spoke out strongly against the Vietnam war, argued that the New Deal
> borrowed a lot of its ideas from fascism. I thought he was off-the-wall at
> that time, but looking back, I now understand his point. (BTW, it was
> mainly
> in a discussion about European fascism, since it was a European history
> course.) Tom
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> a query from a colleague teaching a class on labor:
> "Do you know of any published account of how home ownership was pushed by
> the powers that be among the working class in the US in order to undermine
> labour militancy? As in, the pressure to pay the mortgage as a way of
> disciplining workers?"
> Anyone know?
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