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Tue Feb 14 16:54:11 MST 2012

I wrote a post on ebookery and the left:

Left publishing at an impasse

<SNIP>Now with the burgeoning growth of ebook apps, ereader software
and portable devices -- even mobile phones can read some ebook formats
 -- pdf is an extremely  cumbersome sentence for  all the  text the
left offers.

The irony is that the left's library is overwhelmingly made up of
dense text. Just go visit the Marxist Internet Archive  to see what
the catalogue offers. It's all words.

There's no pretty pictures at all.

That Archive is now beginning to offer its books in  epub, mobi and
odt formats -- as well as pdf -- but I fear it is almost  alone in
doing that.

So what to do about this?

I think there is a case -- indeed  a  potential niche -- for an online
left bookshop that offers left texts in formats other than pdf. My
experience with platforms like Smashwords  is that the potential to
create an  online independent publishing house  is opportune. You can
charge whatever you want or offer freebies and build up a catalogue
that will be much broader choice than any stall at any protest rally
or any wall of dog eared pamphlets in a bookshop. You can link various
texts  for study purposes to a syllabus  and, if required, append
learning   to presentations (aka  powerpoints).

On top of that you 'may' get some items in your catalogue taken up by
the big online bookstores.<SNIP>

More>>> http://leftclickblog.blogspot.com.au/2011/08/left-publishing-at-impasse.html

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