[Marxism] Best political memoirs

sandia sandia1980 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 15:39:07 MST 2012

> I strongly recommend Junius Scales's "Cause at Heart". He was a CP leader
> from North Carolina who was imprisoned for a Smith Act violation. He has
> some great scenes describing his friendship with mafia boss Vincente
> Gigante in Sing Sing, the guy who used to feign senility by walking around
> Greenwich Village in a bathrobe.

Thanks. I read a collection of oral histories with Scale's and his family.
It was excellent -- especially his descriptions of communist organizing in
the 1930s and his and his wife's explanations of their early
politicization: http://aredfamily.com/  Scales' vivid description of
poverty in Appalachia and the deep South during the Depression show why
communism was so attractive.

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