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          The Arabic words in Hindustani (the combination of Hindi and Urdu commonly spoken in Northern India) is the product of Mughal Rule as well as the result of contact and migrations/ invasions for many centuries by Greek, Persian, Afghan and Central Asian tribes. 

In fact, it was Mahapundit (great scholar) Rahula Sankrutyayan who had written many books in Hindi on the history of Aryan tribes in India. His famous book, 'Volga to Ganga', written almost 70 years back traces the Aryans from the banks of Volga 7000 years ago to 1942 AD. Rahula Sankrutyayan was an intriguing scholar, without any formal education. He ran away from his house, with the desire to see the world. He writes in his book "My travels", that at the age of nine, he heard a muslim seer (fakir) singing "see the world, you fool, life comes only once and in that youth is short lived". He writes that he had not put both feet at one place after that. He studied Sanskrit and Pali (ancient version of Sanskrit spoken at the time of Buddha) and Tibetian languages. He had traveled extensively and translated hundreds of ancient texts from Tibetian into Sanskrit. It is said that he was a scholar in dozens of languages. He worked as a professor at Leningrad
 University. For some time, he was aBuddhist Monk and later, he joined the Communist Party. His books are very engrossing and educative. They are recommended for all new members joining the Communist Party in India.
In his many works, he brings out the connection between India and Persia, Central Asia and West Asia.
Here is a Wikipaedia link to Rahlua Sankrutyayan.
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