[Marxism] An escalating crisis in Japan,

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 09:29:26 MST 2012

Just on the AP1000 approval. The NRC decision was the correct one. Keep in
mind that Chairman Jazko (form legislative assistant to anti-nuclear
fanatic Rep. Markey (D-Ma.) was put in his position by Democratic Senator
and Senate head Harry Reid to kill Yucca Mountain, which he did
(personally, I have no opinion on this one way or another as it's a
different issue).

Jazko has firm anti-nuclear cred and thus was expected to do what he can to
drive up costs of new construction as a way a way of hindering the AP1000
(6 total were waiting for their Construction & Operating Licenses, 2 were
just granted).

There is an amazingly fake argument about 'lessons learned from Fukushima'.
This is an open ended objection designed to simply to *never* approve what
even the Union of Concerned Scientists says are far safer plants than exist
anywhere in the world today, most notably Fukushima's un-upgraded GE Mark 1
BWRs. The comparison to the Fukushima plants is like comparing an aging
propeller driven DC 9 to a Boeing 787 or 777. There really isn't one.

The design specs for the AP1000 incorporated every aspect of what caused
the melt downs at Fukushima except one that I know about. The issue of lost
of on site power had always been anticipated by designers was noted by NRC
requests a decade or more ago to be dealt with via passive forms of
cooling, that is to cool the reactor even *without power* and to provide
more temporary and portable forms of cooling than exist...or rather *don't
exist* at existing plants like Fukushima. The tsunami wiped out the fuel
supply to the emergency diesel generators (all of which started) thus
causing the meltdowns. [The real issue here is that ALL sea side plants
need to implement tsunami defense *now* and not wait.]

What was not included was the hardening of the intake structure (where some
of the cooling pumps are located) against tsunamis (hardly an issue in
Georgia). The NRC has already stated that any post-NRC C&OL recommendations
and Westinghouse has agreed, to incorporate them into any new builds when
they come out of Commission. This means that such recs become part of this
new reactor standardization that all manufacturers have to include. Should
their be independent oversight on this? Yes, absolutely.

The idea of *opposing* far more advanced and safer designed reactors is
reactionary in my opinion. These new plants can be used to phase out the
older ones...and should be.


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