[Marxism] An escalating crisis in Japan,

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Thu Feb 16 12:03:07 MST 2012

DW wrtoe:

Some of the anti-nuclear group NIRS is correct in it's 'fact'-sheet about
the BWR. But the AP1000 is NOT a BWR, it's PWR (Pressurized Water Reactor).
So this hardly goes to the question at hand, does it?

  Why do I get the feeling, whenever DW touts nuclear reactors as if 
help was just over the horizon, that he's channeling Willard Libby and 
the AEC in the 50s, who repeatedly reassured us that everything nuclear 
was perfectly under control and wonderfully good for children? AFAIK, at 
the very least, unless and until all nuclear is in the regulatory and 
production/distribution control of the producers and consumers, reliably 
so, and thoroughly beyond the machinations of those who produce for 
profit (and their complicit public servants) and public be damned, I 
don't want any more nuclear power in my world.

This morning, this comes to me in response to the Wasserman article from 
Cecile Pineda, a friend who has just written a book on Fukushima and 

he's just skimming the surface here: unit 4's spent fuel pool is five 
storeys up. besides spent rods, it also happens to contain the core 
which had to be lifted during the refueling process. but the building is 
listing dangerously. it is being shored up in haphazard fashion because 
radiation levels are so high, it's impossible to work there very long.  
additionally, following the big quake which is forcing earth core 
minerals to leach water, the number of earthquakes has risen to 20 times 
what they were in the year preceding the big quake (from 1200 to 24,000) 
. A 7 or more will topple unit 4 according to arnie gunderson.

the book went to the printer monday. the e-book is in process, and the 
book will have a book warming here on March 24.

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