[Marxism] Bolivia's García Linera: 'Moving beyond capitalism is a universal task'

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Sun Feb 19 10:31:58 MST 2012

Published today in  <http://johnriddell.wordpress.com/>
http://johnriddell.wordpress.com: An interview with Álvaro García Linera
presents the Bolivian government's present policies as a step toward
international socialism. Translated and introduced by Felipe Stuart

Bolivia’s García Linera: ‘Moving beyond capitalism is a universal task’

Bolivia’s Vice President Álvaro García Linera brought a message of hope and
anti-imperialist commitment to Mexico in the first week of February.
Speaking to an overflow assembly of students and university personnel at
Mexico City’s UNAM (National Autonomous University), he said that the
government led by President Evo Morales welcomes social-movement protests
and conflict. The more, the better.

“The struggle is our nourishment, our peace. It does not overwhelm us.
Absolute calm frightens us. Our opponents believe the struggle will wear us
down. On the contrary, it nourishes us.”...

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