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Over the weekend, I happened to run across the just released [February 14] HBO film, The Loving Story.  Based on the major Loving v Virginia legal struggle which, via a unanimous USSC decision in 1967, ended Virginia's "racial purity/anti miscengation" law -- and by application, any such signal ills wherever they might exist in US jurisdiction, it is well worth viewing.  The lead attorney in the case, Phil Hirschkop, represented us -- and myself personally -- in a number of North Carolina civil rights/civil liberties matters.  Good to see him -- then and now -- in the well done film.

The South, as we all know, has always had very interesting racial situations -- as has the country. This could produce tragedy but also interesting "maneuvers." I recall a family in a Deep Dixie setting where the sire, who had come down from Illinois as a young man, and who looked totally Anglo, was, early on after his arrival in Dixie, a self-described Negro who had fallen in love with a young Negro lady -- and married her, producing a large family. 

Once, around 1965, a Black clergyman and I stopped at a small and very rural typically Dixie gas station/store.  The older man inside was white but there was an older Black lady who was obviously much in charge.  The minister and I left in due course and, although I asked no questions, my companion volunteered the fact that, "In the eyes of God, they are married."  They'd been thusly married, he told me, for about forty years.

Mildred Loving was a Virginian of African and Native descent.  Richard Loving was a Virginia white man.  They married in DC and, in Virginia prior to the USSC victory, had to be "very careful" whenever they were in their home state and at one point they were arrested.  Mr Loving was killed by a drunk driver in 1975 but Mildred Loving lived to 2008 -- and, citing their own personal battle with bigotry, publicly endorsed gay marriage.

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