[Marxism] Another example of lowered horizons in Greece

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Feb 21 06:51:46 MST 2012

In the Greek port City of Volos, reported the paper, Theodoros Mavridis 
bought eggs, milk and jam at market using a new informal barter currency 
– a Local Alternative Unit, or TEM as its known locally. “I felt 
liberated, I felt free for the first time,” he said. The system combines 
an element of barter, with an alternative currency and similar systems 
are emerging around Greece and are being used for basics like food as 
well as business and services. At the time of writing the Volos network 
had 400 members.



Another viewpoint, a comment on my blog article:

Aris from Greece. I agrre with a lot of the article. It seems that there 
is a return now to among marxists or revolutionary socialists pf 

a forced retreat to our conytriside homes is not the solution and not 
the life that i want. Some other are talking or somethinng like a barter 
economy "i give you tow shirts give me a loaf of bread etc" and it is 
gaining ground unfortunately, with a lot of help by bourgeois media. The 
people i fight with (yes i continue to be a trotskyist and believing in 
revolution) as well the people we meet on the street fight for a 
movement that will incorporate the "uncontrolled" youth, the people 
fighting agianst new fines and taxes in an all iclusive movement that 
challenges capitalism in all its respects, from the  smallest things 
(how not to get hungry) to the big questions (classeless societies), a 
movement that will have to surpass the limits of our country and become 
a european and global movement. In order for humanity to lead a truly 
human life. I dont want just to creat small cracks in capitalism, i want 
to destroy it.

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