[Marxism] Another example of lowered horizons in Greece

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 08:22:34 MST 2012

thanks, Louis, important article and quote

note this paragraph:

"Decades of work on humanitarian disasters show that, in the first most
important hours after a disaster, how well a community responds depends on
the strength, quality and capacity of the social networks it already has.
These, obviously, are set by how the community and economy has been
organised up until then. Small island states, for example, used to being on
their own tend to develop more cooperative systems and be more resilient
when disasters strike. Local people are first on the scene, and usually
best understand who needs what kind of help. It was local businesses, not
big corporations, who were first back to rebuild after the flood disaster
in New Orleans (and Cuba, for interest, which was more cooperatively
organised and, oddly, internationally isolated than New Orleans, survived
far better a hurricane of similar scale). Elsewhere, in the wastelands
created by recession in Detroit in the United States, unemployed people
turned to urban gardening to grow their own food and reclaim abandoned
plots of land. People have done the same in poor parts of New

Two points on it: 1) note the mention of Cuba -- which, at least in this
respect, outdid US disaster efforts by combining local and central efforts,
by using central direction and resources to enable local efforts. 2) What
he says about the ability of local networks to respond based on prior
organizing is also true on the national level (one thinks of the accounts
of the society-wide consciousness of masses in motion during revolutionary
periods, of their eagerness to take action to fix the ENTIRE society).

PS re your post yesterday Louis: the passage where the Zaps admit that when
they governed social ills went way down (followed by your horrifying
account of how they've come back): at what point, and with what
explanation, did they cease "governing" in Chiapas?

PPS: I love the way when people talk about the decade-old self-limiting
cooperative efforts in Argentina, they NEVER say what the workers involved
did vis-a-vis Kirchner or about nationwide problems in general.

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