[Marxism] Another example of lowered horizons in Greece

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Feb 21 08:58:03 MST 2012

On 2/21/12 10:52 AM, Joonas Laine wrote:

> The recent book 'Ours to Master and To Own' from Haymarket has a good
> article on the occupied Argentinian factories and their problems.
> Reading about problems and sore spots of whatever issue is far more
> interesting and enlightening than the usual sunshine propaganda.

In the opening moments of Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein’s documentary about 
occupied factories in Argentina titled “The Take,” we see Klein being 
hectored by a rightwing TV host. If she is not for the capitalist 
system, then what is she *for*. This is obviously is a tough question 
for autonomists like Klein who resist being pinned down, but she and her 
partner decided to make an attempt in “The Take.” Despite their best 
intentions, the film poses more questions than it answers. Ultimately, 
the film succeeds not as a political statement but as a record of 
ordinary workers trying to maintain their dignity.

full: http://louisproyect.wordpress.com/2004/10/04/the-take/

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