[Marxism] gardens on the fringe -- or a society of gardens?

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 11:44:33 MST 2012

Following up on one line of thought from the anti-Holloway thread:

I don't remember the context, but we've discussed before on this list
Cuba's experiments with community gardens -- an experiment which required
centralized planning and local neighborhood implementation:


I'm not suggesting the balance was entirely right in terms of
decisionmaking at each level and communication between them.

But if there is going to be food -- and flowers and trees -- for all,
resource shifts on a societywide level (by which these days we have to mean
on a global level) are essential.

By the same token, looking at the proposals by various ecosocialists --
including MR's John Bellamy Foster et al. -- for the kind of massive
changes required to save the planet, once again a refusal to take state
power is criminal, and implies a willingness to let the planet die rather
than soil (pun intended) one's hands by seizing the means of production
from the ruling class and defeating the state that guards them.

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