[Marxism] Why Anthony Brain has posted this article by Socialist Party of England and Wales on that Oxford Student Union passing that anti-Capitalist motion?

Robrecht W. Uyttenhove ruyttenhove at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 19:52:52 MST 2012

I don't understand why you accuse the SP of Ultra-leftism towards the
Social Democratic parties in Western Europe.
Before the Fall of the Berlin Wall a lot of sections of the SP were
practising entryism in the Social-Democracy in Western Europe.
The Fall of the Berlin Wall had an enormous mental and ideological
impact on Social-Democracy.
>From that point on the only economic model left to a Social Democracy
in complete disarray was the market.
The time of state ownership of important sectors of the national
economies was over for them ( a process that is still going on with
e.g the liberalisation of the Postal Services, public transport,...).
To put things in perspective: I was just unimaginable to a normal
social-democrat in the early 80s to propose the idea of
privatisation. In order to get elected earlier on as a socialist MP a
certain "base" among working people was more or less required.

The fall of the Wall changed the picture. Pure markets forces were no
longer shunned. It started slowly but once the process started
it was irreversible like a rolling snowball which becomes bigger and bigger.
E.g. the early 90s governments under PS flag in France privatised more
of the economy than right-wing governments such as Balladur. The
period after the fall of the Wall was also the time when the treaty of
Maastricht (with Mr Jacques Delors) was pushed through the people's
stomachs as well as a whole bunch of other neo-liberal crap like e.g.
Hartz IV in Germany (Schroeder)
A substantial amount of EU governments have been lead by
social-democrats. It is not an exaggeration to say that the
social-democrats in Europe (e.g Karel van Miert, Edith Cresson,..)
are/were behind a lot of the neo-liberal measures in the EU.

It isn't surprising that this was also the time when a lot of workers
closed the door of the Maison du Peuple and turned their back to the
Social Democrats. That's also the time when the SP sections concluded
that the Social-Democracy was no longer considered a party for working
people. At that point entryism in Social-Democracy ended for the SP.

Anyway, shunning the Social-Democracy in Western Europe at the present
time is not ultra-leftism.
It is in my opinion the only correct stance for socialists. Socialists
have nothing to do with the parties of Papandreou, Francois Hollande &
DSK, Sigmar Gabriel, Job Cohen, Di Rupo, Milliband, ...
FYI: During the last meeting of the Socialist International in
Brussels (a few months ago) Papandreou was welcomed as the saviour of

BTW: What is a worker's state: North-Korea under Kim Il the Third?


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> Was there other far left groups alongside the SP arguing for Oxford Student Union that Capitalism fails the poor? Despite my strong critcism of SP's Ultra-Leftism towards Social Democratic parties in Western Europe and their dumping of the workers' states when battles determining their future is being fought for now 22 years (except where Capitalism was restored in ex-East Germany through reunification and Kosovo where Capitalism was restored through a major 72 day of heavy air stirkes during 1999 which ended with Serb troops being driven out with tens of thousands of Imperialst troops) I have published it for people's information because the extent of mass radicalization influencing layer of middle class students and intellectuals it reflects.
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