[Marxism] Rubén Dri - Argentine philosopher

A Vasquez collationes37 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 04:55:52 MST 2012

My recent introductory essay on Dri, none of whose writings have been
translated into English, as far as I can tell:

*What can the writings of Rubén Dri teach the Anglophone reader living in
the First World (considering that none of his writings have been translated
into English)? First of all, that the process by which capital is trying to
take away our status as Subjects and turn us into substances for its own
use is the same everywhere. For example, this is going on in education,
where the needs of capital, which are falsely equated with the needs of the
good of society in general, are dictating how children and young people are
to be educated, what subjects are useful and what are not, etc. What worse
way to turn a person into an object than to divide learning into “useful”
and “not useful”, according to some technocratic formula? On the other
hand, from Dri the First World Left could learn a deeper appreciation of
religiosity and cultural symbolism, and not just from a spiritual
“consumerist” perspective. Not only are religious symbolism and themes
there to give comfort to weary masses, but they in themselves are an
expression of struggle especially amongst the poor. Here of course Dri
makes the necessary (if not too fine) distinction between such symbols as
they are used by ordinary people and how they are used by institutions of
-the rest here:


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