[Marxism] Re Get political! Occupy activists urged to engage with writings of Trotsky, Lenin and Luxemburg

Tristan Sloughter tristan.sloughter at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 08:38:36 MST 2012

I mostly agree. I think the most important is for it to be tied to real
life and not feel like a pointless lecture -- I guess a number of you are
professors so I don't have to say much on the importance of that ;) -- and
especially not to come off as simply trying to recruit people to sect-X of
the left. Even though I don't try this, or even belong to a party, I've
been attacked by those who think anything related to Trotsky or Lenin is
for some sinister totalitarian plan...

My experience teaching is computer science, but I don't think there is much
of a difference for any subject. While everyone has that drive for
knowledge, everyone also is limited to what they can take in and the time
they have to do so. If you find material important it has to be connected
in a way that others feel its important to what they want to accomplish as


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