[Marxism] Fwd: QUERY: How are Loyalists treated in courses? [G Furr]

Tom Cod tomcod3 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 09:21:55 MST 2012

That's an interesting question.  For the most part they have been
completely ignored unlike the "other sides" from other wars who are
demonized (most of them) or lionized and apologized for (Confederates)
by mainstream historiography.  I first encountered this issue in
academe when I was a graduate student in 1980 and read an assigned
article "Lord Dunmore's Ethiopian Regiment" which recounted how the
royal governor of Virginia had issued an emancipation proclamation for
all slaves belonging to rebels who would join his ranks with 3000
doing so.  It also describes the vicious response of the rebels and
their governor, Jefferson, who ordered castration for any such
runaways who were captured.  Mostly they ended up being confined, with
much of the rest of the British army on  board the fleet offshore in
the Chesapeake.  Their uniform was emblazoned with the motto "liberty
to slaves".

Simon Schama recently wrote a book about the tories, "Rough
Crossings".  Slavery had been abolished within Britain itself by Lord
Mansfield in 1762.  Thus as Dr. Johnson dryly put it, isn't
interesting that "the loudest yelps for liberty come from the drivers
of slaves".

Thomas Edison's grandfather and great-grandfather were Tories in New
Jersey, with the elder being Colonel Edison aka "The Old Tory" of the
"Unionist" militia (as is Ireland, "union" meaning with Britain).  At
the conclusion of the war they were forced to flee to Ontario with
Edison's father relocating back to the US in the 1830s.

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