[Marxism] Fwd: QUERY: How are Loyalists treated in courses? [G Furr]

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 11:54:54 MST 2012

Again, I'd urge rooting these things in the material realities people
faced.  If you want to trust an art historian about these things, Simon
Shama's fine.  His career (and those of many others) really reflects the
ascendancy of post-modernism and the preoccupation with "memory" rather
than history.  His treatment of the French Revolution was equally peachy

If anyone's serious about this, a good starting point would be the New Left
scholars who did the serious initial work on these subjects--Staughton
Lynde, Jesse Lemisch and Alfred Young come to mind--as well as Jackson
Turner Main's excellent study of the social structure of Revolutionary

The colonies were not developed to where generalizations can be made about
what "the common people" thought or wanted--or what the elite was doing.  I
would argue that where there were unifying concerns and interests--in the
larger seaports, for example--responses jibed with what you'd expect, but
the more you venture out into the interior, the more diverse the conditions
and more diverse the responses.

One must make the generalizations you have to based on the outcomes without
reading a sweeping intentionality into the past.


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