[Marxism] On the right wing cultural drift in the US

A Vasquez collationes37 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 19:28:13 MST 2012

My explanation of electoral politics of the country at the moment. Here is
an excerpt:

*Thus, the Republican drive to force a backwards morality on a licentious
populace makes a lot of sense in the logic of 21st century American
capitalism. “Why should I have to pay for the immorality of others?” is
really the underlying question behind it all. Newt Gingrich was able to go
through three wives morally unscathed since he has a lot of money and
influence, and at least he never went on welfare or food stamps. Abortion
will never be illegal for the wealthiest who can put their daughter on a
plane to go somewhere far away, thus sweeping the problem under the rug.
People even on the right only respect the Catholic hierarchy’s prohibition
on birth control (in spite of using it themselves) because they have been
shamed into thinking that sex is dirty, and anything related to it is not a
health issue, but a moral one. In short, American morality has nothing to
do with a theological or ethical concept of virtue, and everything to do
with cost. Can you afford it? Can we afford it? If you are a “winner”, you
can do no wrong, and if you are a “loser”, you can do no right.*
The rest here:


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