[Marxism] Re Get political! Occupy activists urged to engage with writings of Trotsky, Lenin and Luxemburg

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Dreadfully neglected is one of the 2 things Marx said were all he contributed: "surplus value" which is maybe best understood today as monetized and privatized "social surplus" or 
world average labor time added to products of same kind (nec labor)
That that other workers put in what we have to pay for to work another day

This allows new generations to get unstuck  from interpretations of Soviets and industrial union negotiators and progress on


"Among individuals, as among nations, where there is respect for the right of others,  there is peace"
Benito Juarez (born Mar 21, 1806, only native-American President of Mexico, he defeated a European counter revolution to impose an emperor supported by pro slavery conservatives in Mexico and US)

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> Tristan wrote:
>> and especially not to come off as simply trying to recruit people to
> sect-X
> And thats hard to avoid if you are toting books by great thinkers whi
> have been dead for 70 years.
>> it to be tied to real life and not feel like a pointless lecture
> Indeed. So wouldn't it make more sense to use the writings of any of the
> signatories to the petition than the classics at this point.
>> I guess a number of you are
>> professors so I don't have to say much on the importance of that ;) -
> Well I'm not sure what the professor ratio is here but as it happens I am
> writing a lecture on the sociology classics - Marx, Weber and Durkheim.
> Sociology textbooks (usually of US origin) are dreadful on Marx so am
> happy to take suggestions from list members on what to focus on. These
> are first year students in week 3 so have to keep it simple.
> Cheers
> Shane
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