[Marxism] The Iran-Washington Conspiracy?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Feb 25 07:35:25 MST 2012

(Gelb was a NY Times editor who also has served in important "invisible 
government" capacities over the years. Although he is a complete 
asshole, his reports are generally worth reading.)

The Iran-Washington Conspiracy?

Both Washington and Tehran are maneuvering to head off an Israeli attack 
against Iran, a process of intriguing diplomatic gamesmanship.

By Leslie H. Gelb

Tehran and Washington have discovered a surprising common bond: to 
pretend that they might be heading toward serious negotiations to curb 
Iran’s nuclear capacity. What’s more, they are pretending for the same 
reason: to ward off an Israeli attack on Iran.

Their moves are barely noticeable—vague diplomatic pronouncements, 
op-eds, lots of behind-the-scenes orchestration by Russia. They don’t 
want much attention—just enough to persuade Israel to wait on military 
action, to buy time. The American line is that the economic sanctions 
are working and weakening Tehran’s will. Iran’s line is we’re willing to 
compromise, but we’re not going to be pushovers.


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