[Marxism] The political "crisis" in Oz

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 22:15:06 MST 2012

Hi Scott,

Yes there is a good deal of parochialism or state chauvinism about
Queensland politics. However Qld is a more complex place that might appear
at first sight.  The capital city Brisbane is becoming more and more
influential. The days of the dominance of "rural idiocy" are I think over.
It is significant I think that the Tory opposition has had to be lead by a
city based conservative rather than the traditional conservative from the

Generally though Australian politics are in a kind of limbo.  There doesn't
appear to be any point of tension between the classes.  There is though a
feeling around that the mining companies are not paying enough tax.  But
the mine owners were able to mount a very effective tv campaign against

The trade union leaders have no fight in them at all as far as I can see.
They accept all the ruling class ideological moves.  For instance no one
challenges the priority of "tackling inflation", which is really a fairly
transparent device for keeping the standard of living as low as possible.
Instead  we have a kind of holding of the collective breath.  We send coal
to China and that keeps us out of the poor shop.  But economies which are
resourced based have real problems.  the resources boom keeps up the dollar
and that affects industries such as tourism and selling education to
overseas students.,  The latter industry had been the second biggest
industry until the rising dollar broke its back.

It is my feeling that in a time when the class struggle is dampened down
the bourgeois media is at its most powerful and can play games such as
leadership challenges which are more like celebrity contests than about

I have always believed that it will take an international brigade to bring
socialism to Australia, such is the level of political backwardness.  And
it is an orgy of backwardness masquerading as a crisis that we are
witnessing at the moment.



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