[Marxism] A Mountain People's Manifestor

Thomas Bias tgbias at ptd.net
Mon Feb 27 19:55:31 MST 2012

IMO, the notion of "self-determination" for the Appalachian region of the
United States, in this age of Interstate highways, is unrealistic, and I
could be a lot less tactful. I would judge this group by how well it's
relating to the ongoing union organizing work in the American South. There
are several people in the Emergency Labor Network working on it, including
Donna Dewitt, the president of the South Carolina AFL-CIO, Theresa El-Amin
in Georgia, and Ashaki Binta, who was one of the founders of the Black
Workers for Justice. Fighting for the repeal of "Right to Work" laws would
be important, and I didn't see much mention of it in my cursory reading of
this document. I was in Oklahoma when Right to Work was put to referendum in
2001 (it won). The one area where there was the greatest opposition to RTW
was the old Cherokee territory, the fourteen counties in the northeastern
corner of the state, and the people I met in Tulsa who were working against
it were Cherokees.~Tom

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I don't know much about this group. But I like the reaching out to the
people of the Appalachians who are often forgotten.

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