[Marxism] Robin Hahnel on economic suicide

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 23:47:10 MST 2012

Hahnel's metaphor is that of two nests - one for the ruling class  and one
for the rest of us.  Theirs is in pretty good shape while our nest is
distinctly shabby.

I prefer the metaphor of the tree with the ruling class sitting on a branch
and busily sawing away at where it joins on to the tree.

The two tent metaphor suggests that it is possible for them to live in a
different world from us,  while the tree metaphor suggests more correctly I
would have thought their necessary connection to the rest of humanity which
they are busily destroying.

I thought of this as the news cam through of the destruction of the commune
outside St Paul's in London.  the mighty and their lackeys the respectable
and the police thugs have had another great victory over those who struggle
for humanity's future.  The Church of England of course collaborated with
the evictors.  Marx once described the Church of England as "the Tory Party
at prayer"  how apt that description is still. what remains now is an empty
cathedral.  the religious impulse which flickered briefly around the
Occupation has been ruthlessly put it out.  With it of course goes yet
another bit of the future of the Church of England.  And so they saw every
more frantically at the branch.

It is unclear from here what is left for the Occupy movement. However one
great thing the Occupy movement did was to name the ruling class.  They had
become in Barthes phrase - exnominated.  No one outside of Left Marxist
circles talked of the ruling class. But now they are forever identified as
the 1%. What is more their blind fanatical self immolation is becoming
every more obvious.



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