[Marxism] Robin Hahnel on economic suicide

Daniel Lindvall daniel.lindvall at filmint.nu
Wed Feb 29 00:17:02 MST 2012

It seems to me that Hahnel's article describes the actual, honest  
world view of the ruling class today behind the ideological smoke  
screens. Today's ruling class IMO believes less in its own official  
ideology than perhaps any ruling class ever before (except in those  
"final moments" when they have very obviously been about to lose  
power). And, based on recent decades, this understanding of the two- 
nests world unfortunately seems rather realistic in the short  term  
future which is all most people care about. If in the longer term this  
is a two-nests or one-tree world surely is up to the class struggle  
(or environmental catastrophe) to decide?

On 29 feb 2012, at 07.47, Gary MacLennan wrote:

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> Hahnel's metaphor is that of two nests - one for the ruling class   
> and one
> for the rest of us.  Theirs is in pretty good shape while our nest is
> distinctly shabby.
> I prefer the metaphor of the tree with the ruling class sitting on a  
> branch
> and busily sawing away at where it joins on to the tree.

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