[Marxism] Is the Era of White Privilege Nearing an End?

Ismail Lagardien ilagardien at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 29 06:22:36 MST 2012

Truthout recently published a piece, "Is the Era of White Privilege Nearing an End?"
My immediate thought was that it reminded me of the canard that computers were more intelligent than humans, to which my response has always been: "Maybe someday when a computer can, unprogrammed by human beings, make a human being..." Not terribly scientific, I know.

My response to the Truth-out piece would be this: "Maybe when we publish articles like these in a world where 'non-whites' control the means of production, capital, and cultural production - among other."

That ain't gonna happen anytime soon. As a Critical Realist I would ask the ontological questions first. What is white? What is black? Are these categories ontologically stable? What is meant by privilege?

My thought for the day....

Ismail Lagardien

Nihil humani a me alienum puto

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