[Marxism] 46 percent of Americans think that the earth is less than 10, 000 years old

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Fri Jun 1 14:08:38 MDT 2012

At 13:34 01-06-12 -0400, Louis Proyect wrote:
>A reminder that the revolution is not around the corner.

I am rather amused/surprised/dismayed that every person responding to Lou's post tried in their own way to minimize the significance of the rather startling statistic cited in this poll. When something is written which has a mistake, you'd expect several people to point out that mistake. But in this case what I find telling is that each respondent came up with a completely different reason not to take the poll at face value. Whenever I see totally diverse arguments all in the same direction like that, it is most often a sign of DENIAL. As if everyone is running away from Lou's sad conclusion that "the revolution is not around the corner."

(I won't even address the outlandish remark that evolution, like all science, is a "liberal fetish!")

The poll cited has to do with the US where, as we know, respect for science and belief in god are remarkably low and high respectively, compared to any other developed country. On Wikipedia there is a comparative poll across countries where the question is stated a little more broadly (and without any reference to god or religion): "Human beings, as we know them, developed from earlier species of animals," true, false, or not sure.

I propose to read the bar graph from the top. Terming the "level of ignorance" those who disagree or aren't sure of that statement, you find that among all Western European countries the level of ignorance varies between 18% (Iceland) and 30% (Ireland). For the US the figure rises to no less than 60%. That says something special about the US relative to countries with similar economies and levels of education. What that means about the "revolution being around the corner" isn't clear, but if knowledge is power then I'd say the US working class is pretty powerless :-(

- Jeff

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