[Marxism] 46 percent of Americans think that the earth is less than 10, 000 years old

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The Scopes trial in Tennessee was in 1926; to my knowledge there was not a
great change in attitudes towards a fundamentalist interpretation of the
Bible when the 1930s came around. There certainly wasn't in Oklahoma, which
has a lot to do with why my parents quit the Baptist church and moved to the
East Coast. The comrades who were involved in working to support the
Pittston strike in 1989 saw all kinds of culturally reactionary attitudes
among the strikers, including creationism and opposition to abortion rights.
A lot of the strikers insisted on wearing their military camo uniforms on
the picket lines as well. I'm not defending these attitudes, but real life
gets complicated, and you never know how a revolution's going to evolve
(pardon the expression). Nobody with any sense thinks we're on the verge of
revolution, but attitudes towards religion I don't think are a good
indication. Jim Cannon said that he had no use for the "reactionary,
fascist-minded Catholic hierarchy," but acknowledged that "a good Irish
Catholic can be awfully handy on a picket line." ~Tom  

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Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:
> I seriously doubt that there was a "creationist" movement in the 1930s. 
> People are responding to an insidious campaign whose main goal is to 
> instil authoritarian values along the lines of "God said it, I believe 
> it, that settles it."

There didn't need to be; it wasn't a dissident movement then. But vulgar
Darwinism is the orthodox church nowadays. 

As for authoritarian values: There is no creed more top-down, intolerant,
bigoted and confident of its own righteousness than the liberal worship of
credentialled expertise.  

Michael J. Smith
mjs at smithbowen.net


Some fine cliches there. Should be encouraged. Too many damn people trying
to be different. Coining phrases when a good platitude would do and save

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