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Sat Jun 2 18:57:44 MDT 2012

I must communicate the most exciting —to me— scientific development in years: the invention of instruments that can isolate and examine DNA, etc. of single cells! This should make it possible to pin down exactly what happens when and how a cell becomes cancerous. That means that the interaction of chemicals, radiation and natural phenomenon and specific human cells can be examined not as statistical aggregates of millions of cells where a crucial change is lost lost amongst the crowd, but as a specific cause-effect event.

To quote Science (May 25, 2012, pg. 976) "… single cell sequencing provides a window on recombination, the process by which matching chromosomes exchange pieces of their DNA during cell division. Recombination helps generate genetic diversity by putting various versions of genes together in new combinations. It is also a cell's method of weeding out DNA gone bad." [… Or failing to weed out DNA gone bad. —fhr] <http://www.sciencemag.org/content/336/6084/976.full?sid=e68efb29-5f0d-46ef-a89a-676b21572bb8>

Development of instruments frequently results in an explosion of knowledge; i.e., the cloud chamber, the electron microscope, the d'Arsonval movement, etc. And here we we have a development which could remove the mystery of carcinogenesis.

Well, … it's a peripheral comment, but ….

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> Three works dealing with women and cancer.
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