[Marxism] 46 percent of Americans think that the earth is less than 10, 000 years old

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 06:50:45 MDT 2012

Charley Earp <charley63 at mailworks.org> wrote:
> Why does almost no one on the Marxist left want to try and bring Christians
> into the revolution, without hostility to their theological views?

This assertion is patently untrue.  Did you take a survey to find that
"almost no one" holds this position?

More fundamentally, the assertion is meaningless . . . .mostly because
the label means absolutely nothing.  Marxists regularly speak to cross
purposes because people mean different things by "Marxist."  I would
rather have a self-labeled "Christian" with proper priorities than a
self-labeled "Marxist" that doesn't and is preoccupied with
meaningless discussions.

But discussions that diverts us from the substance of those priorities
itno labels seems questionable, doesn't it?


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