[Marxism] More insanity on Greece from MRZine

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jun 4 14:12:23 MDT 2012

It is sad but not surprising to discover that the publishing of 
KKE tweets on MRZine reflects the editorial outlook:

MRZine ‏@mrzine_notes

Joining a #SYRIZA-led gov in the #EU is like joining the 
collective bargaining team of a trade union that renounces strikes 
during a crisis.

2h MRZine MRZine ‏@mrzine_notes

If #Greece is to remain in the #eurozone, as #SYRIZA wants it to, 
"a united front with SYRIZA" is neither necessary nor desirable.

3h MRZine MRZine ‏@mrzine_notes

The united front tactic ≠ "'electoral combinations' of leaders in 
pursuit of one or another parliamentary aim": http://bit.ly/K67gTr

3h MRZine MRZine ‏@mrzine_notes

Some Trotskyists criticize KKE 4 not joining "a united front w 
SYRIZA": http://bit.ly/KF0Z1G But an electoral alliance isn't a 
united front.

3h MRZine MRZine ‏@mrzine_notes


I should mention that tweets were made to order for MRZine's 
editor Yoshie Furuhashi who seems to thrive on the 140 character 
limit. It allows her to make provocative statements and raise 
rhetorical questions without the need to add substantial analysis. 
For example, Yoshie writes that "an electoral alliance isn't a 
united front". But in the early days of the Comintern, Lenin 
certainly did advocate that Communists back Socialist candidates 
in Germany. Think about that, SYRIZA never did anything remotely 
similar to killing Rosa Luxemberg and she can't understand the 
need for united action, both in the streets and in the ballot box 
by Greece's largest working class organizations.

Strictly speaking, united fronts were agreements to come together 
on a demonstration in the spirit of "march separately, strike 
together" but that tactic was more generally speaking a push to 
close ranks against fascism. It is truly sad that an online 
publication with the imprimatur of the late Harry Magdoff and Paul 
Sweezy can circulate such juvenile nonsense.

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