[Marxism] How bad is it?

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 11:46:17 MDT 2012

I, too, spend way to much time with the TV on.  Even when I'm not
particularly paying attention.

In part this is because the entertainment feature of television has
been getting better and better over the course of our lives.  The
visuals are just stunning and the writing is often remarkably good.
There are reasons why "Gunsmoke" was the best show on television for
many years . . . or "Law and Order" and "Big Bang Theory" puts its
predecessors to shame.

It has to keep getting better, given its social function of keeping us
diverted and consuming.   So I wind up getting caught up in "The
Killing" or "Mad Men."

But at the same time, the subtext of these things is usually simply
insidious, and the message never skates far from the imperative to


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