[Marxism] Rocky Anderson wins California Primary for Peace and Freedom

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Thu Jun 7 10:07:07 MDT 2012

Rocky Anderson wins California Primary for Peace and Freedom
Posted by Campaign Staff on June 06, 2012

Rocky Anderson won the California primary of the Peace and Freedom
Party yesterday! Rocky received 43.4% of the vote, with his two
competitors receiving 30% and 26.5%. The party’s nomination will
ultimately be determined at its convention August 4th and 5th.

The Peace and Freedom Party was founded in 1967 on the principles of
peace, workers' rights, democracy, ecology, feminism, and racial
equality. These are issues Rocky Anderson has fought for throughout
his career as a lawyer, community activist, mayor and Executive
Director of High Road for Human Rights.

As mayor of Salt Lake City, Rocky became internationally recognized as
an effective advocate for civil and human rights, sound environmental
policies to stop global warming and spur the economy, and opposition
to the Iraq war and other illegal projections of US military power.
Under his leadership, Salt Lake City's operations were some of the
"greenest" in the nation. He fought relentlessly for environmental,
economic, health care, and civil justice for all. He decided to run
for President because the two dominant parties and their candidates
primarily serve the interests of wealthy donors rather than the public

In 2008, Ralph Nader was the nominee of the Peace and Freedom Party.
Nader has thrown his support behind Rocky Anderson.


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