[Marxism] Debating SYRIZA

james pitman marinercarpentry at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 17:06:44 MDT 2012

Hey Lou,

Good article. As for the SWP Uk: well I think many are split on the issue -
there's no party line; just some opposing pieces put forward by some
prominent 'commentators'. As I've said before, I certainly think we need to
show a more fluid conception of the party, tactics and the overall European
panorama rather than just than just criticising Syriza, or anybody else,
from some 'pure' position. This seems to me the sort of argument you can
only maintain through abstracting Syriza from the whole picture and then
analysing them through the prism of some canonical texts.

Antarsya? Well, I think they're bigger than you give them credit for
[admittedly, this doesn't translate electorally] and certainly more rooted
in the class - but should they stand? Well, I can't see the point - it
would seem to undermine their whole position to me, but I'm not versed
enough in their arguments either and the few comrades I've met from
Antarsya have always been whip-smart - so I hope/ imagine that better
reasons will be advanced than just getting a platform - although the
streets/ public mood are going to be massively important in shaping the
direction Syriza travels in if they are successful, so maybe that justifies
Antarsya's arguments...although I strongly suspect only Greek comrades can
answer this with any authority.

Also, from what I understand, those accounts which infer animosity between
Syriza, KKE and Antarsya are being considerably overplayed too. More so,
since the Golden Dawn idiot Kasidiaris punched Liana Kannelli in the face
on live TV and the big Athens demo that followed yesterday.

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