[Marxism] What's new at Links: France, Quebec, Greece and SYRIZA, Pakistan solidarity, Hong Kong/China, ecology & capitalism, Spratly Islands

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What's new at Links: France, Quebec, Greece and SYRIZA, Pakistan 
solidarity, Hong Kong/China, ecology & capitalism, Spratly Islands

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    French politics after the fall of Sarkozy

By *Murray Smith*
June 7, 2012 -- After long months of campaigning, the French 
presidential election came to a close on the evening of May 6. As 
predicted, the victor, and therefore seventh president of the Fifth 
Republic, was Socialist Party candidate Francois Hollande. However, the 
margin of victory, at 51.6 per cent to 48.4 per cent, was narrow, and 
closer than any of the polls had foreseen.

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    Quebec student strike: hot summer of protest ahead; Interview with
    CLASSE leaders <http://links.org.au/node/2896>

By *Roger Annis*
June 4, 2012  -- On Saturday, June 2, several tens of thousands of 
people marched through the streets of Montreal in answer to the Quebec 
government breaking off negotiations two days earlier with the 
province's striking student movement.

  * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/2896>

    Pakistan: International week of action for the release of Baba Jan
    and his comrades, June 20-27, 2012 <http://links.org.au/node/2904>

By *Pierre Rousset* and *Danielle Sabai*
June 10, 2012 -- It is urgent to relaunch the campaign of solidarity 
with the "Hunza 5? and all victims of state terrorism in Pakistan. For 
months now, a solidarity campaign has been underway in Pakistan itself 
[1] and internationally [2] to obtain the release of Baba Jan and his 
four comrades: Iftikhar Hussain, Amir Ali, Ameer Khan and Rashid Minhas. 
They were imprisoned in Gilgit, northern Himalayan country. Twice 
severely beaten and tortured [3] they were transferred to a prison with 
hardened criminals in late April where it was feared that their lives 
were in danger. The purpose of this transfer could indeed be that they 
were assassinated by other prisoners.

  * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/2904>

    Quebec student mobilisations: Debate opens on strategic perspectives

By *Richard Fidler*
June 7, 2012 -- Despite massive mobilisations throughout Quebec in 
opposition to Law 78 and the Quebec provincial government of Premier 
Charest, the student struggle is once again at an impasse.

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    Québec solidaire leader Amir Khadir arrested, home raided: 'I'm
    proud to stand with my people' <http://links.org.au/node/2901>

By *Roger Annis*

    STOP PRESS: June 7, 2012 -- According to a report in /La Presse/ and
    Radio Canada, at 6 am this morning, Montreal police arrived at the
    home of Quebec National Aseembly member Amir Khadir and his wife,
    Nima Machouf, with arrest and search warrants. They arrested the
    couple's daughter, Yalda Machouf-Khadir, and her partner, Xavier
    Beauchamp. The two are among 11 student activists arrested in early
    morning police raids in the city.

  * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/2901>

    Richard Seymour: The challenge of SYRIZA <http://links.org.au/node/2900>

*For more discussion and analysis on the political crisis in Greece, 
click HERE <http://links.org.au/taxonomy/term/140>. *

By *Richard Seymour*

    /"...this isn't just another election. The choice is between a New
    Democracy-led austerity government, which would be immensely
    demoralising, and a SYRIZA-led anti-austerity government, which
    would give the whole continental left a massive shot in the arm and
    open up a host of new possibilities. This is a key moment in which a
    great deal is condensed, which will be formative of a great deal of
    the political and ideological terrain for some time, and any
    formation that appears to bring the latter possibility closer isn't
    helping the industrial struggle."/

  * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/2900>

    Hong Kong photo essay: 180,000 rally to mark Tiananmen massacre
    anniversary <http://links.org.au/node/2899>

June 4, 2012 -- This photo essay by *Tom Grundy*, an activist-journalist 
based in Hong Kong, shows the 180,000-strong candlelight rally held in 
Victoria Park, Hong Kong on June 4 to commemorate the 23rd anniversary 
of the Tiananmen massacre in Beijing. /Green Left Weekly/ republished it 
with permission from /Hong Wrong/ blog.

  * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/2899>

    Harmony and ecological civilisation: Beyond the capitalist
    alienation of nature <http://links.org.au/node/2898>

By *Fred Magdoff*
June 4, 2012 -- Let me begin by making clear that I am not a philosopher 
nor am I well versed in Chinese cultural history. My background is in 
agriculture, specifically soil fertility and health, from which I have 
branched out into areas of ecology and ecological approaches to 
agriculture and society.

  * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/2898>

    Philippines: Progressive organisations express concern over
    'Southeast Asian Sea' tensions <http://links.org.au/node/2897>

*[For background to the Spratly Islands issue, see "China, Vietnam and 
the islands dispute: What is behind the rise of Chinese nationalism?" 

May 25, 2012 -- The contending states claiming territorial jurisdiction 
over sections of the "Southeast Asian Sea" [Spratly Islands] are only 
heightening regional tensions to a frightening degree.  In particular, 
the contentious row between the Philippines and China is being amplified 
by certain quarters to a near-conflict level for seemingly 
nationalistic, but in fact chauvinistic reasons. And as the almost daily 
sounds of fury raise the stakes for the region's masses of humanity, 
many more sober voices of concern must now come out to be heard and not 
be silenced by the sabre-rattling of a deluded few.

  * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/2897>

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