[Marxism] The Faith of Our Fathers . . . collection of early American radical documents now online

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 07:58:06 MDT 2012

People serious about the past struggle for change in American
civilization will enjoy this excellent little collection, now
available digitally through the Internet Archives. (You can also
download it for free.)

Scholars and activists have both tended to neglect _The Faith of Our
Fathers: an Anthology Expressing the Aspirations of the American
Common Man, 1790-1860_. Despite it's unfortunately he-ish title, it
includes material from the women's movement.

Part of the reason for its neglect was that it appeared at the height
of McCarthyism--which was what inspired the editors to compile these
documents. You will probably find a quick browse through it to be
entertaining, if nothing else . . .


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