[Marxism] Liberation as Death Sentence

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 12:54:34 MDT 2012

This study came rather naturally from his original work exploring the
general underestimating of Civil War deaths.  The authorities always
want to understate such things, and, in this case, a big part of the
problem was the tunnel vision approach to looking as casualties simply
in terms of volunteer regiments of soldiers.  Others, militia,
civilians, etc. simply didn't figure into this.

I've found officers in militia units killed in action--whites
obviously--but without having this fact noted in their service
records.  So members of the militia or civilians would very regularly
die without any official notice.

And, again, these are "whites."  The deaths among African Americans
(and probably more among Indians) were very much underestimated.
Those in the Indian Territory, I'd argue suffered a population loss
comparable to those of the Trail of Tears, if not larger.  Small pox
was certainly a very big part of this in those areas I've studied,
particularly among those who were least likely to have been

Where the comparison to the modern health care debate fails is that,
in the Civil War years, when the army left refugee camps unvaccinated,
nearby communities had enough plain damned common sense to take on the
job themselves.  Usually tardy, but far more effective than the

Contemporary American radicals, btw, talked about the Civil War as a
conflict in which a million Americans died . . . and I think Prof.
Downs' very persuasive upward revisions may only be scratching the
surface . . . .

Mark L.

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