[Marxism] Rocky Anderson wins California Primary for Peace and Freedom,

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Of course it does not mean anything. When we set up the Peace and Freedom Party in 1966 we were well aware that many of our supporters could not vote because of disqualification due to age, felony conviction, etc. Moreover, we were well aware of the probelm of a primary election being swamped by votes for primary candadates that did not reflect the party's view or intentions but who through name recognition could enter the primary and control it. California had a tradition of "cross-filing" that allowed this. 

The long range problem, of course, is that Peace and Freedom and most other third parties, if not all of them, will be off the ballot at the end of the general election. This is because the new "reform" that selects the two highest primary vote getters and puts them in a run off in the general election and exclude others means that no third party candidate will get there - our candidates cannot come in in the top two of all primary votes case since the major parties will get those. Nevertheless since only the top two primary candidates qualify for the general election there will be no peace and freedom candidate on tyhe Nopvem ber ballot other than the presidential slot. But to stay on the ballot the party has to continue to poll one or more percent for a state wide office (not presidential) or is excluded from the ballot. With no candidates who can make the run off there will be no chance of a state wide vote of one percent. End of party. No one has expressed any outrage.

Someone should.

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eans little in terms of getting the P&F ballot spot. This is decided
y the convention state Central Committee and by delegates.
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