[Marxism] For Greater Glory and the Cristero War in Mexico

A Vasquez collationes37 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 20:11:05 MDT 2012

My thoughts about the right-wing Catholic hype around the film. An excerpt:
*People are complicated, and that is why history is complicated. The
Mexican peasant was a bundle of contradictions, and had to do what she
could to stay alive. I am only a generation removed from that life, and
know this all too well. They could be the first to enforce puritanical
sexual rules (especially on women) and slap you for saying something
blasphemous, all the while organizing with Marxists for agrarian reform or
thumping their liberation theology
UFW flag in hand. I can understand this cognitive dissonance, and respect
it on some level. What I cannot respect is these people being used to
uphold the sexual propaganda of the American hierarchy that is a thinly
veiled endorsement of the most reactionary politics in this country, and
ultimately, an apology for empire. That, I am sure, is something that the
Cristeros would not stand for.*

The rest here:


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