[Marxism] For Greater Glory and the Cristero War in Mexico

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Wed Jun 13 13:43:21 MDT 2012

I was able to see this film for free - and do not recomend it. It is awful politically.  It is rare to ever find me rooting for a government, but I certianly was with with this film. The reactionary film actor Andy Garcia, plays a prominent reactionary miltiary officer that headed up theCristeros military war on the government.  It is mentioned in passing in the film that this same generalfought against Emiliano Zapata - which might clue some viewers into what forces were involved in theCristeros.  The Vatican was the force behind this rebellion.  That should say it all for those on this list! The Roman Catholic Church did not like the Mexican government seizing their lands and nationalizingthe oil on them. The falsehoods shown in this film - of the government breaking down church doors andhanging children and priests without any trial or reason, are all taken from Cristeros supporters recollections.  The film glosses over the Mexican Left and its role in this religious led rebellion. This film's big supporters are right wing Catholics, who have been eager to try and promote theRoman Church.  I am glad the Vatican lost this one!  Wish it would lose them all!!!!  My experience was very different last night when I attended the book ceremony of Kirk Douglas andhis re-dedication of his film Spartacus, which was also shown last night at the Grauman Chinese Theater.This film - unlike the Cristeros, was truly progressive and I recomend Kirk Douglas new book (which Iobtained one of the ten signed autographed copies of there), which covers the reactionary role ofthose in the film industry around the Blacklist etc.  Kirk Douglas new book is: I Am Spartacus andpublished by Open Road Press.  The book favorably mentions the Arab (Spring) Awakening and therole of the anticommunism of the late 1940's and 1950's with the anti-terrorism of today.  Kirk atthe age of 95 last night showed more spirit and conenctions with his Jewish roots than many ofthose much younger actors today trying to avoid poltiics and struggle. Give me Kirk Douglas over Andy Garcia on any day!!!!!!!!   > Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2012 21:11:05 -0500
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> Subject: [Marxism] For Greater Glory and the Cristero War in Mexico

> My thoughts about the right-wing Catholic hype around the film. An excerpt:
> *
> *
> *People are complicated, and that is why history is complicated. The
> Mexican peasant was a bundle of contradictions, and had to do what she
> could to stay alive. I am only a generation removed from that life, and
> know this all too well. They could be the first to enforce puritanical
> sexual rules (especially on women) and slap you for saying something
> blasphemous, all the while organizing with Marxists for agrarian reform or
> thumping their liberation theology
> Bibles with UFW flag in hand. I can understand this cognitive dissonance, and respect
> it on some level. What I cannot respect is these people being used to
> uphold the sexual propaganda of the American hierarchy that is a thinly
> veiled endorsement of the most reactionary politics in this country, and
> ultimately, an apology for empire. That, I am sure, is something that the
> Cristeros would not stand for.*
> The rest here:
> http://elblogdelpelon.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/on-the-cristero-war/


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