[Marxism] Bilderbergers and populist critters

The Public Media Group mediacrusher at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 04:21:19 MDT 2012

Ahh they finally stepped into the limelight with their feigned aloof
manners as they speed by in expensive German sedans. They are no longer
afraid of what they opponents of "fair markets" think; organized labor is a
waste land from an international perspective and the labor pool is best
described as indentured servants and as at worse, human chattel.
Misinformation from MSM to Alex Jones only succeeds in confusing and
alienating the public to a point of acquiescence to the least harmful
option to one's organism, physically or emotionally. it's not surprise he
preys on the weak, but the left hostility to white working and underclasses
will only weaken a resistance to those who seek to subjugate the working
and underclasses and ex-military men will be the backbone of a
revolutionary guard if they are not abandoned to white national
supremacists. And then they will understand the solidarity that they shared
on battlefields and turn there ire towards the masters who held them in
contempt and less then human.


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