[Marxism] Greece v Russia in EURO's on the Eve of the Elections

The Public Media Group mediacrusher at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 17:16:39 MDT 2012

How do you see the youth of other countries? Are they ignorant of history?
Are they somehow more attuned to the political nature of capital that
Americans are not? I think my point is that unless we try to understand,
not the strictly political nature of protests that we integrate the
cultural forces that are subverting political action. And we don't do this
by ignoring the formative factors that working class youth through out the
world understand without reading one whit of Marx. Not to say that we do
not need to read our history to confront our present but often some
radicals have a blindspot to the pulse of revolutionary actions that take
place outside of "party politics"

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