[Marxism] Why is PASOK and similars called socialist?

Kenneth Morgan kenmor1968 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 14:41:56 MDT 2012

Damn good question. I would add why is the French Socialist Party called
Socialist or the Labor Party in the UK called a labor party? Michael
Parenti, while being interviewed on KPFA radio in Berkeley, after the
results for the 2000 presidential elections were announced, referred to the
Democratic Party as "a social democratic party." The late Michael
Harrington considered the Democratic Party as a labor party. Reminds me of
the lyrics of an old folk song, "it's a strange, strange world we live in."

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> Dear People,
> I cannot find the reason. A party, to be called socialist, should at least
> have the SYRIZA's program. Isn't that like calling the US's Democrats as
> socialists?
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