[Marxism] Prometheus: the Tea Party in Space

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 18:25:50 MDT 2012

I think, again, this is a classic case of the reviewer "projecting".
The only thing I thought about the movie is that it sucked. At almost
every level.

The review from Counterpunch doesn't much make the case he's trying
make. It's not "obvious" about the T-Party connection, it's not
anything really. The villain in this movie is ,*exactly like the Alien
movies*, some big ass corporation (read: "rich folks"), not the
government. Hardly "Tea Party". That they make the Charlie Theron
character 'bitch' is hardly something one has to unite with the Tea
Party around to deduce this flat, 2-dimentianal daddy's girl.

That the director/writer uses a theme popularized by von Daniken's
"We're from Aliens" is hardly unique to von Daniken and sci-fi from
before von Daniken exists that propounds the same *fiction*. Hell, the
Star Trek universe is founded by an alien species that 'seeded' the
universe with bipedal humanoid life forms including us. So? While
there is this "Darwain was wrong" alien 'seeding' thing is hardly a
Christian myth and is *hated* by the Christian Right. They will likely
hate this movie too. Perhaps the reviewer and the Tea Party can start
a video watching club and throw pop-corn at the screen.

Note to self: make sure i never read another movie "review" from
Counterpunch again.

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