[Marxism] KOE: Initial thoughts on the electoral outcome

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Tue Jun 19 00:57:25 MDT 2012

Initial thoughts on the electoral outcome: These elections, to a large
degree, were centered on the morale of the Greek people

This statement was released in Greek on 17 June 2012 at 2100 by the
Press Office of the Communist Organization of Greece. KOE is the
second largest organization with the Coalition of the Radical Left
(SYRIZA). The original Greek version follows the English translation.
It was translated by the Winter Has Its End collective.

ATHENS, GREECE - We welcome the substantial political energy directed
towards the Left, the substantial energy of the people seeking
salvation for the country, ignoring unprecedented anti-democratic
pressure from the network of domestic centers of political and
economic power, and global imperialist institutions [1].

These elections, to a large degree, were centered on the morale of the
Greek people. The Greek people recognize the right way forward,
moreover, the pro-austerity forces were compelled to adopt a lukewarm
anti-austerity rhetoric [in their electoral campaigns].

The Greek people forged conviction, trust and confidence in SYRIZA
based on its struggles. Yet there was an attempt to crush this
confidence and trust in the period leading up to the June election.

These attempts were not successful. On the contrary, SYRIZA
demonstrated itself as a fundamental political protagonist in the life
of the community.

The Greek people are now recovering and building their fighting
spirit. No one can fail to not appreciate this reality.

The coming days, if they produce a pro-austerity administration, will
be days of darkness and desperation for our people. Yet they will lead
to an improvement of morale and will transform the stream of political
energy into a river of change, an overthrow [of the Troika] and a way
out of the crisis for the country.

With its new seats in the parliament and a basis in the people, SYRIZA
will assume its responsibility and will bear the burden of
representing the people’s aspirations and their hope of opening a road
to the future.

Regarding the pro-austerity forces, none dares to openly declare their
real politics and they camouflage their politics with a rhetoric of
“re-neogtiation” [of the memoranda with the Troika], although they
continue to be quite willing to implement anti-people policies.
Simultaneously, they ask for unprecedented concessions from SYRIZA and
endorsement of their politics.

SYRIZA will not grant them this favor and will insist on remaining
near and with the people. That is SYRIZA’s position.

Translator’s note:

[1] This passage refers to network of Greek and foreign conglomerates,
large capitalist media concerns, specific institutional centers within
the Greek state and international institutions of power (e.g., the
U.S. military and the Troika). Illustrations of this capitalist
network of power in Greece are in abundance. For example, in order for
Greece to obtain the privilege of hosting the Olympic Games, an
agreement was reached between the Greek state and the U.S. for the
country to purchase U.S. military equipment as a condition for the
American assent. This equipment proved to be inoperable upon delivery.

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